OPPO Find N reduced the price 50% OFF, and the folding screen began to “roll in”?

With the failure of the iPhone 13 mini, the era of small screen phones was announced to be over. Apple has replaced the mini with the iPhone 14 plus this year, and started to develop towards a large screen. Android manufacturers are also sparing no effort to create large screen phones. The main reason is that the trial and error cost of small screen phones is too high. Even Apple can’t bring small screen phones to development, let alone Android phones. In order to achieve a larger screen display, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have started to make efforts in the field of folding screens. If you pay attention to the machine circle, you will find that there have been many popular folding screens in China in the past two years.

Take the recently released Huawei Pocket S for example. With its compact body and fashionable design, it achieved good results in its first sale. It’s a pity that it doesn’t support the 5G network. In addition, it uses Snapdragon 7 series chips. For some friends with performance needs, this phone is not suitable. In contrast, OPPO Find N will be more comprehensive. It is also a folding screen phone targeting the small screen market. It has a relatively small body design, but also has a large internal screen display area, which makes it particularly different.

Before OPPO Find N appeared, most of the phones on the market were large folding screen phones, as well as folding screen phones like Samsung Galaxy Flip3. These two types of folding screens go to two extremes. One is too large and bulky, and the other is light and thin but has too small display area. The design scheme of OPPO Find N is between the two, and the screen experience is much better. To be specific, OPPO Find N’s internal screen is 7.1 inches in size, which has a display effect comparable to that of the iPad mini4. It is very good for office use.

When you go out for use, OPPO Find N is no different from an ordinary mobile phone. The thickness behind the box cover is larger, and the screen experience is similar to that of a regular full screen mobile phone. In the folded state, the screen size of OPPO Find N is only 5.49 inches, which looks about the same size as the iPhone SE2. It is more like a small screen phone. In addition to being a little bulky, it has a good feel. In addition, the inner screen is made of Samsung E5 luminous material, which can effectively reduce screen power consumption while ensuring clear picture quality.

The key factors affecting the folding screen mobile phone experience are software adaptation. OPPO Find N’s own application adaptation is well done, and it has reached deep cooperation with third-party apps. The automatic switch between horizontal and vertical screens is also very fast. Software adaptation is well done, reducing the occurrence of bugs. Some people buy folding screens to play games. Compared with ordinary full screen phones, OPPO Find N’s screen view can be doubled, just like physical opening and closing. It can be called a game distraction. Of course, the machine also has a powerful Snapdragon 888 chip to ensure stable output performance.

Due to the compact interior space of the folding screen phone, it is difficult to fit large size sensors. In order to overcome this problem, OPPO has optimized the internal space, inserted the Sony IMX766 main camera lens, and also brought 16 million ultra wide angle and 14 million telephoto lenses. For today’s folding screen phones in Cuntu, the camera specifications can be said to be quite high. Also highly praised is its self portrait. Whether it is used for conference chat or vlog photography, 32 million pixels can easily be competent. The free hover function of 50 ° – 120 ° also gives it a lot of points. It can take pictures without tripod.

Since it has been on the market for a long time, OPPO Find N also took the initiative to lower its profile. The price of 12GB+512GB top configuration was reduced by more than 2000 yuan. The actual price was 6899 yuan, a drop of up to 2100 yuan, which was 1000 yuan cheaper than the original standard configuration. Folding screen mobile phones have also started to “roll in”. It should be noted that this is the subsidy and price reduction behavior of e-commerce platforms, so one person is limited to one phone, and friends who want to experience folding screen phones should not miss it.

In addition to the above platforms, there is also a reduction of 1000 yuan in the official OPPO channel, and the original mobile phone case and vehicle flash charge will be sent. The 30 day price guarantee will be supported, and the service quality will be higher.

Oppo’s first foldable smartphone is the Oppo Find N (available in China for $489 and up)

OPPO Find N brand new folding flagship 12GB+512GB: Was $489 at Fondsale.com

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