OPPO Reno9 series was released, starting from $249. What is the difference between the three models?

When it comes to the OPPO brand, we will certainly not feel strange. As early as before the emergence of Xiaomi mobile phones, OPPO had already been offline physical stores. At that time, it was mainly active in the third and fourth tier mobile phone market. With its excellent appearance and low price advantages, it also won a good market share. I remember at that time, there were Duowei, Jinli and Bird mobile phones in China. The competition of offline mobile phones was no less fierce than the current online market. OPPO has become the biggest winner of offline mobile phones by virtue of its strength.

OPPO has a rich product line, and each product has its own specific audience. For example, the K series focuses on cost performance, and has more advantages in terms of endurance and price. The FindX series focuses on the high-end market, with strong performance and good photography, but I still like the Reno series best. It is aimed at young players, and its advantages lie in its feel and photography, which are favored by women users. Now, the new generation of reno9 series is on the shelves, bringing three models in total. There are many highlights in the configuration. Let’s talk about the reno9 you care about most.

OPPO Reno9

In terms of appearance, OPPO Reno9 adopts a micro curved screen design. From the official spy photos, we can see that reno9 and reno8 are obviously different, giving up the right angle frame design and using a 3D arc back cover, the whole machine looks very delicate. It is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno9 has also added a new “Tomorrow Gold” color scheme, which is designed with golden silk and colored glass technology to improve the touch of the phone. At the same time, the back cover is finally free of fingerprints. If you are a male user, I think it is more appropriate to buy Haoyuehei. This version is mysterious and stable.

Photographing has always been the killer of the reno series, and even the entry-level reno9 has a good performance. To be specific, reno9 will upgrade 32 million ultra sensitive cat eye selfie lenses. With the new camera algorithm, there will be a big breakthrough in the effect of night portrait. The rear 50 million tri camera lens supports OIS optical anti shake and high brightness shooting in 4K format. The camera has a higher playability. I believe it will be very attractive to vlog enthusiasts.

In terms of endurance, the reno9 is equipped with 4500mAh capacity and supports 66w fast charging. On the premise of ensuring good endurance, the weight of the phone is reduced to 174g and the thickness is only 7.19mm. If you remember correctly, there is no thinner Android phone than OPPO Reno9 among the new Android phones this year. Even Xiaomi Civi2 is 7.23mm thick, so I have to admire OPPO’s excellent industrial design ability. It can be seen that OPPO has become the only one in the industry in terms of mobile phone feel.

OPPO Reno9 Pro

The appearance of OPPO Reno9 Pro is almost the same as that of reno9. The main reason is that some optimization has been made in the details. For example, the new 16GB+512GB super storage version, combined with the memory fusion technology of ColorOS, can greatly improve the cold start speed of the app. OPPO Reno9 pro uses Tianji 8100 Max chip, which can run all major mobile games smoothly and has excellent power consumption. With 4700mAh battery and 80w fast charge, it can meet your all-weather needs.

OPPO Reno9 Pro+

As a super large cup version, OPPO Reno9 pro+has improved its endurance to 4700mAh and supports 80w fast charging technology, which is the best among the three products in terms of endurance. However, it has also become more cumbersome, with a thickness of 7.99mm and a weight of 192g, which can only be said to be standard. In terms of performance, the machine is equipped with Snapdragon 8+chip, which is the most powerful reno ever. With its 16GB super memory, we can make up for the game experience by ourselves. Finally, the camera, with a rear mounted 50 million Sony base as the main camera, has developed a Mariana NPU chip, and has great photographic ability. The price of 16GB+256GB is $249.

OPPO Reno9 Pro+16GB+256GB Snapdragon 8+Flagship Chip

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In my opinion, cost-effective users can buy OPPO Reno9. If they want to experience extreme photography, they can choose Reno9 Pro. If they have higher requirements for photography and performance, reno9 Pro+will be a better choice, but the price will soon catch up with FindX5 Pro. What do you think?