Xiaomi 12S ultra on sale, $409 Flash order now

Xiaoomi 12S was officially released and ushered in the first sales this month. As Xiaomi’s flagship machine emperor this year, Xiaomi 12S Ultra has high attention. The user evaluation of the user is also close to the full score. Home Shopping Store “China Resources Mark Color City” store, come to see the real situation in the store

We are in the store at lunch time. Even many people arrive at the store even on working days. Of course, everyone’s attention is the first Xiaomi 12S series. There are three Xiaomi 12S Ultra display machines at the scene, which are one green and two black respectively. Essence

Mi 12S Ultra fir green

The Xiaomi Ultra green in the store is also a new color of Xiaomi, but from the perspective of the overall real machine, there are some light gray+green hair color. Only started to get started.

Mi 12S Ultra green and black

For the first time Leica and Xiaomi are also concerned about Mi Fan, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, we also tried to take pictures in the store, the effect is pretty good, and there are Leica’s exclusive watermark.

Actual camera effect+Leica exclusive watermark

At this time, a senior rice noodle had hesitated in the store for a few minutes. After the clerk helped calculate the recycling price of the old model, he then placed an order of 12+512G Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra and paid 2999 yuan.

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A rice noodle did not hesitate to place too many minutes after thinking for a few minutes after thinking.

We then interviewed this user. The reason for the purchase was because Xiaomi 12S Ultra cooperated with Leica for the first time. We were also Lao Mi Fan. On the first day of the release, I came to the store to experience it. Finally, the psychological expectations quickly started, but this user It also said two shortcomings of Xiaomi 12s Ultra: