Iphone 14 pro Max price, specification, Reviews

After staying up late to watch the Apple conference, I was disappointed in the whole process. The only surprise was the “Smart Island”. I feel that my iPhone 13 Pro can still hold up well. I will give you a summary of the iPhone 14. By the way, I will talk about the purchase opinions:

  1. The iPhone 14, 128G starts at $399. The positioning of this mobile phone is very embarrassing. I sincerely recommend that you do not consider it. This machine is to test the IQ tax. It has the same shape, performance, screen, etc. as the previous generation. The slight upgrade is Satellite communication and eSIM, but eSIM is difficult to popularize in China, and ordinary users of satellite communication basically cannot use it. So if you want to save money, you might as well start with the iPhone 13. You will find that there is almost no difference in the experience. If you have a budget of 14, I also recommend looking for e-commerce channels and adding some money to start the 13 Pro.
  2. iPhone 14 Plus, the 128G version is new, This is not called Max, but it is basically the same as the rumored version. It is an enlarged version of the 14. The only advantage may be battery life. For the same budget, I suggest looking for channels and adding some money. On the 13 Pro Max, if the experience is better, there is one more high brush.
  3. The iPhone 14 Pro is still 128G starting from $489 from China factory. The screen is changed to a pill with a higher brightness and adaptive high-swipe screen. The most interesting thing is the “Smart Island”. The length of the pill changes according to the situation, displaying some information, etc. I feel that the playability is still there, at least some freshness.

As for the 4nm 6-core A16 processor with 16 billion transistors, the press conference did not say how much it improved compared to the A15. The previous online prediction was about 10%, which is estimated to be the gap.

There is also a 48-megapixel quad-pixel triple-camera combination, and a photon engine improves the camera’s low-light performance. I think this one can be bought by those who like small screens, after all, it has a little more freshness.

  1. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is still 128G starting from $519 from China factory. The upgrade point is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro. The difference is that the screen and battery are larger, which is suitable for those who need a large screen and battery life.

Among them, the 14, 14 Pro, and Max are on sale on September 16, and the 14 Plus is on sale on October 7. As for these four mobile phones, I personally don’t recommend the 14. There is no cost-effectiveness. It can be predicted that the 14 will definitely be the fastest mobile phone. It is entirely possible to start with more than 4,000 on the double 11 e-commerce platform. As for the 14 Plus, it may be the target chosen by most users, but I think the previous generation Pro Max can also be considered.

As for 14 Pro and ProMax, you can choose according to your own needs and budget. This generation has improved a lot. After all, the ancestral bangs and 12-megapixel camera have been changed. I personally plan to buy a 14 Pro Max in the future. to use. In addition, I would like to emphasize that the US version of the 14 series is an eSIM-only version. It does not support physical cards, and mobile phone cards cannot be used in China, so everyone in this generation should not touch the US version.