Xiaomi MIX FOLD, down $1000, is it still worth buying?

Xiaomi MIX FOLD is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor + professional image chip – Surging C1. Surging C1 is specially used for image processing. It has self-developed ISP + self-developed algorithm, which can achieve finer and more advanced 3A processing. Xiaomi MIX FOLD is supported by the micro-airbag heat dissipation structure + butterfly heat dissipation system, which makes the performance of the Snapdragon 888 processor fully play, even when playing large-scale games with high performance such as Genshin Impact under full frame state, the operation is more stable and smooth. .

Xiaomi MIXFOLD adopts an inner folding design. The inner screen is an 8.01-inch 2K full screen, HDR10+, 600 nits brightness, supports Dolby Vision, 1 billion color display, and has been adjusted by self-developed screen color calibration algorithm. , to ensure that each screen can accurately restore the color. Xiaomi MIXFOLD is the best artifact for watching movies. When watching movies and chasing dramas, you can enjoy an audio-visual feast with bright colors and three-dimensional sound. The huge screen provides you with the most comfortable and immersive experience.

The Xiaomi MIXFOLD external screen is a 6.52-inch punch-hole screen in the upper right corner with a resolution of 2520×840 and supports a 90 Hz refresh rate. The Xiaomi MIXFOLD uses a ceramic back cover, and the middle frame and volume keys are joined with thin golden lines, with a black ceramic back cover.

Xiaomi MIXFOLD is the first mobile phone liquid lens, which opens the era of bionic photography. The liquid lens uses the principle of bionics of the human eye to form a lens-like structure with a transparent fluid wrapped in a film instead of traditional optical lenses. Driven by a high-precision motor, through Xiaomi’s self-developed technology, the radius of curvature of the spherical surface can be precisely changed, 3X optical zoom, up to 30X telephoto, and the closest focusing distance of 3cm can be realized, and the function of two lenses can be realized with one lens.

Xiaomi MIXFOLD has a front 20-megapixel beauty super-clear selfie lens, a rear 108-megapixel super-clear main camera + 13-megapixel 123-degree ultra-wide-angle + 8-megapixel telephoto triple camera, telephoto supports 30x hybrid zoom, and equivalent 80mm telephoto macro. With the support of Surging C1, the performance of AF focusing, AWB white balance and AE automatic exposure processing is improved.

The Xiaomi MIXFOLD adopts a four-stereo speaker system. The symmetrically designed dual 1216 speakers are located on the side of the screen. It has a large amplitude of 0.65mm and an equivalent sound cavity of 1.34CC. With the blessing of 15V SmartPA, the loudness is 40% higher than that of the Xiaomi Mi 10Pro. At the same time, it continues the Harman Kardon. tuning. The self-developed multi-speaker array algorithm is used to realize 3D spatial sound field playback. On the basis of the original left and right dual speaker stereo, the upper and lower dimensions are added, bringing a new true 3D spatial listening experience.

Xiaomi MIXFOLD supports handheld PC mode. After entering this mode, it has the operation modes and functions on the PC such as the start menu, control center, and opening multiple windows at the same time. Supports parallel windows, and can display the same APP content on the left and right screens of the main screen. When you click the right screen, the right screen will move to the left and a new window will be opened on the right. Click on the left screen, the left screen does not move, and the right side opens a new window. At the same time, the content of the left and right screens is updated synchronously from time to time.

Xiaomi MIXFOLD has a built-in 5020mAh battery and supports 67W fast charging. Through the customized three charging IC chipsets and the parallel combination of two ultra-efficient charge pumps, a conversion rate of up to 97.5% can be achieved, and a 5020mAh battery can be fully charged in just 37 minutes. At the same time, multiple safety charging protection functions such as CNT shutdown and charging are introduced. The controllable full charging logic of large and small batteries is first full and then full, and then full, which improves the charging speed, solves the risk of battery overcharge, and ensures battery life.

Today, the 16GB+512GB top version of Xiaomi MIXFOLD is almost “half-cut” compared to the original price. The actual price after coupon is only 6399 yuan, and it also comes with Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset. Therefore, Xiaomi MIXFOLD has become the cheapest large-screen folding screen mobile phone in the industry. It is still very worthwhile for users who like folding screen phones