Xiaomi 13 Ultra review: equipped with a number of black technology, the king of mobile phone imaging in 2023

As we all know, mobile phone camera technology has entered the era of AI algorithms, and such technology can bring better pictures. However, some mobile phone manufacturers rely too much on soft optimization, resulting in insufficient hardware of the imaging system. The saying “the optics are not enough, and the algorithm is used to make up” is becoming popular in the industry. However, the release of Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra has opened my eyes. All kinds of black technology + super image hard power upgrades, it is the king of mobile phone images in 2023 in my heart.

Featured Leica Professional Imaging

The biggest highlight of Mi 13 Ultra is its camera configuration. This time, Xiaomi has piled up enough material on the imaging system. At this stage, the top Sony IMX989 + three IMX858 sensors form a 50-megapixel four-camera rear camera. The 1-inch super outsole supports variable aperture, coupled with the most perfect Leica Summicron lens so far, it can achieve two focal lengths of f/1.9 and f/4.0 so that we no longer have to worry about taking pictures. When we use the Leica street shooting mode, we can achieve a very natural background blur, and when taking landscape photos, all the details of the whole photo can be clearly seen. In addition, this time, Xiaomi also realized that it can complete the camera and shoot in 0.8s, which allows us to shoot visual blockbusters anytime, anywhere.

powerful processor and memory

Mi 13 Ultra is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, and uses a combination of LPDDR5X and UFS4.0 full blood memory, with a maximum of 16GB+1T memory, and it is also equipped with USB 3.2. This hardware configuration is the current Android flagship The top of the line exists, which can meet all our daily needs. These configurations allow Mi 13 Ultra to have powerful operating performance, and users can run various applications and games smoothly, especially for performance-hungry game masterpieces like Yuanshen, which can easily maintain smooth operation at a high frame rate.

Self-developed annular cooling pump heat dissipation technology

In order to ensure that the mobile phone will not overheat during long-term high-load operation, Mi 13 Ultra also adopts self-developed annular cooling pump heat dissipation technology. This heat dissipation technology can improve the heat dissipation effect by 300%, allowing users to achieve 4K 60-frame continuous shooting, ensuring the user experience. In addition, a better heat dissipation system can be said to be a great boon for gamers. Even in heavy games, it can always keep the phone from getting hot, especially in the coming summer. Mi 13 Ultra will bring We have different experiences.

Strong battery life

Mi 13 Ultra has a built-in 5000mAh battery and supports 90W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. In terms of battery life, it can meet our medium-to-heavy use throughout the day. Even when the battery is low, there is a 90W super fast charge to quickly revive with full blood. This time, Xiaomi also added the latest self-developed chips, the surging P2 charging chip and the surging G1 power management chip, which can achieve monster-level performance with 1% power, 60 minutes of battery life and 12 minutes of talk time. You must know that this is not too fragrant for friends who often travel on business or outdoor emergency.

In terms of price, the starting price of Mi 13 Ultra is 5999 yuan for the 12+256GB version, and 7299 yuan for the 16+1T version. As a flagship mobile phone with super specifications, the price is acceptable, and Xiaomi has invested a lot in the research and development of high-end models over the years, and has brought us quite competitive self-developed black technology, It can fully support such high-end pricing.

In short, the release of Mi 13 Ultra has once again proved the strength and technical strength of Xiaomi in the field of smartphones. In the future, Xiaomi will continue to launch more high-end smartphones to allow users to enjoy a better experience.

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