which phone is the best one in 2022, iphone 13 pro max will get more scores

Halfway through 2022, have all your wishes come true at the beginning of the year? This year, the smartphone market is full of new products. It is not easy for users to buy a suitable mobile phone. Especially for Xiaobai, there are too many choices. Next, we will refer to the 5 best mobile phones in 2022 launched by foreign consumer organizations, and directly tell you which mobile phone is the most suitable for you to buy.

Best iPhone – iPhone 13 Pro Max

Don’t look at the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but this is the model that has been recognized as the most upgraded and the most obvious in recent years. The screen adopts adaptive refresh rate technology for the first time, and in addition to providing a smooth screen experience, the battery life has also been improved. It is one of the flagship phones with the strongest mobile phone performance and the best battery life.

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In terms of shooting, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has added macro shooting and movie modes for the first time, allowing users to achieve close-up close-up shooting. The movie mode supports virtual bokeh and main focus tracking. Allows users to easily capture the effects of cinematic footage.

Don’t look at the expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max, but this phone has a larger screen, longer battery life and super performance. It can be said that after starting, you don’t need to think about changing mobile phones in the next few years. Definitely the best iPhone to buy in 2022.

Best Android Phone – Samsung S21 Ultra

Since Huawei’s departure from the Android camp, Samsung’s flagship performance has been very eye-catching. Don’t look at the Samsung S21Ultra not selling well in China, but in fact it sells very well overseas, and it almost beat the Samsung S22Ultra in terms of comprehensive scores.

Now that Samsung has cut off the Samsung Note series, the S21Ultra has become the first Samsung S-series flagship to support a stylus. After a year of price adjustment, the Samsung S21Ultra is the best choice for Android phones in terms of large screen, long battery life and support for telephoto systems.

The most cost-effective mobile phone – OnePlus 8T

The most cost-effective mobile phone in China is undoubtedly the Redmi series, but the OnePlus series is more famous in the eyes of foreigners. The sales of OnePlus 8T in the United States are good, and the price of the National Bank is actually very cheap. In terms of battery life, it is the biggest highlight. It can be used continuously for 23.5 hours. For users who are anxious about battery life, OnePlus 8T is a good choice. The performance in terms of shooting and performance is very good, but it does not support waterproof function, so you need to consider it before starting.

The most cost-effective iPhone – iPhone SE 2022

Want to buy an iPhone again but don’t have enough budget? This iPhone SE 2022 in the early 3000s is the best choice. Behind the cheap price is super performance. Like the previous generation iPhone SE, it retains the Home button and single-lens design, and supports fingerprint unlocking. The iPhone SE 2022 processor is equipped with an A15 bionic chip and also supports 5G. It is indeed very cost-effective to spend more than three thousand to buy a mobile phone with similar performance to the iPhone 13. However, it does not support fast charging, and the battery life is still average.

The battery life of a mobile phone is one of the important factors for users to consider. At present, the mobile phone with the strongest battery life should be the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In the use test of foreigners, it can reach an astonishing 53 hours. But if you want to find a mobile phone with such a strong battery life among Android mobile phones, it is the Samsung A42. in the same endurance test. The test time of Samsung A42 has reached 49 hours, which is really surprising.