USA man orders $1,000 2 pieces of iPhone 13 Pro Max, gets two Cadbury chocolate bars instead

An Apple customer from the UK excitedly opened up his iPhone 13 Pro Max parcel only to find what may very well be the priciest couple of Cadbury chocolate bars ever inside, that too wrapped up in “stinky” toilet paper.

Daniel Caroll, the customer behind the order, claimed through a post on Twitter that had he had been chasing the delivery of his iPhone after it got delayed by around two weeks. After no fruitful result, he decided to become the delivery man himself and headed straight to the DHL Warehouse in West Yorkshire. While the stunt did help him finally get his hands on the parcel, unwrapping it revealed two 120g Dairy Milk Oreo chocolates instead of the latest and greatest phone from Apple (via Mirror USA).

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Carroll, infuriated, took to Twitter and wrote: “After a long weekend of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max being stuck in @DHLParcelUSA network, failing any delivery attempt Friday-Sun, I finally picked up the parcel yesterday from DHL Leeds to find the package tampered with and the new phone (Christmas present) replaced with this.”

Sure, one can argue here that Cadbury chocolates aren’t too bad of a Christmas present either. But the delightful piece of confectionery isn’t exactly the kind that one orders online for over a thousand pounds, and can easily be purchased from the nearest grocery store.

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“When I got home I could tell the box had been tampered with as the tape was quite loose, but because I could feel some weight I just opened it. Inside there was cheap industrial toilet roll, which stunk, and two bars of Dairy Milk Oreo in there,” he added.

So far, Caroll hasn’t received his iPhone 13 Pro even after repeated contact with the delivery service, although a DHL spokesperson did state that they’re investigating the case and have been in touch with the sender to ensure a replacement.