Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, improving the work and life of business people

As a business flagship, Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra not only shows a high level in hardware configuration, but also excellent in software optimization. SPen is the soul of Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra. It meets the needs of business people to record at any time. After pulling it out, you can write directly. The delay is very low, it is very convenient to use, and it improves the work and life of business people.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with the latest generation of SPen, empowered by AI technology, to further optimize and upgrade the writing experience. The pen tip is accurate to 0.7mm, and it has 4096-level pressure sensitivity SPen, which brings users a smooth pen and paper writing experience. The millisecond is as much as 3 times lower, and the brushstroke texture of writing is more realistically restored.

Samsung has further enhanced the accuracy of SPen. Through the newly upgraded coordinate prediction technology of AI technology and the Wacom tablet, with the blessing of AI technology, it can more intelligently predict the position of the pen, and increase the coordinate speed from 360 revolutions per second to 480. circle, bringing users far more precise operation and smooth experience than before.

The SPen stylus equipped with the Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra has a SPen slot reserved on the lower left side of the fuselage, and the SPen will pop out with a single press. With the remote control function, the SPen can sense hand movements through its built-in motion sensor. Five action commands such as returning and returning to the home page can be realized through the SPen’s remote operation function. SPen allows users to complete various precise daily operations or office needs more comfortably and calmly.

As a partner of SPen, Samsung Notes APP supports voice tags and PDF annotation functions. The voice tag function records audio while recording notes, providing a comparison for later note sorting; for added convenience, Samsung Notes also supports recognizing handwritten content and converting it into normal text that can be edited.

The Samsung Notes App has an easy-to-use handwriting-to-text function, and the user’s completed handwriting records can be quickly converted into text for easy viewing and organization. It can recognize handwritten notes in up to 88 languages. At the same time, the content after text conversion can be re-edited, formatted or supplemented with details after opening the Samsung Notes APP, which is convenient for users to share the information with others at the first time. .

Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra Global Version


Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra also adds a cross-device cloud synchronization save function, which can automatically save and synchronize documents in the Samsung Note App to the cloud to achieve collaborative office work with PCs, tablets and other devices. At the same time, it supports screen projection to a wirelessly connected display device to achieve split-screen display between the mobile phone and the display. Allow users to move from smartphone screens to larger screens, and from a single office mode to achieve dual-screen interaction, so as to achieve higher efficiency and enhance production and creativity.