iPhone 13 Pro Max price cut to make way for a new phone, is it the best time to start?

As the iPhone 14 series enters the production stage, the market price of the iPhone 13 series has also changed, including the highest-grade iPhone 13 Pro Max. The release price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at 4,999 yuan, and its 1TB top version is even priced at 6,999 yuan. Although the price is high, as Apple’s strongest model, there are also many consumers who are willing to buy it, because it has many capabilities. It is the top level in the industry.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the current flagship of the large-screen display. It uses a 6.7-inch super retina XDR display, supports LTPO technology, and 120Hz adaptive high refresh rate. The display level has reached a new level. The area of ​​the bangs on the upper edge of the screen has been reduced, which is mainly due to the selection of new 3D structured light components, and the position of the earpiece has also changed. Moved up to the vicinity of the metal frame, the front of the phone has an improved look and feel.

iphone13ProMax rear 12-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle autofocus + 12-megapixel telephoto lens, the ultra-wide-angle lens is upgraded from 5P (f/2.4), fixed focus (FF) to 6P (f/1.8), automatic Focus (AF). The sensor displacement and anti-shake function has ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. It will use a 1/1.7-inch outsole sensor, an exclusive 7P F1.5 aperture lens, and a LiDAR (Lidar Scanner).

The iphone13ProMax is equipped with a full-blooded version of the Apple A15 bionic chip. In addition, it comes standard with a 6GB+128GB combination configuration. The battery capacity is 4352mAh. Wansan camera and IP68 waterproof, are very powerful in many aspects.

At present, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is accelerating to make way for the new phone. The 128GB version is more affordable. The minimum subsidy is only about 8,079 yuan, but the 256GB version is occasionally subsidized. This version was originally priced at 9,799 yuan, but the subsidy only requires You can start at about 8809 yuan. In contrast, the 256GB version has fallen more and it is more cost-effective to start.

According to reports, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has risen by $100, so the question is, is now the best time to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max? Since there is still more than a month before the release of the iPhone14 series, for those who are not in a hurry to change the phone, it is recommended that they choose to start on Double Eleven after the release of the iPhone14 series. strength of the discount.